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11.05.2021 | New Flight Inspection Aircraft for the Flight Inspection Center of South Korea

Through an international tender, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Seoul Regional Office of Aviation, Flight Inspection Center in South Korea has selected Aerodata as turnkey supplier for the delivery of the factory new flight inspection aircraft type Embraer Praetor 600. The aircraft will be equipped with a fully Automatic Flight Inspection System of the AeroFIS® series, customized to fully comply with the requirements of FIC. This will unite the most modern AeroFIS® with one of the most modern aircrafts of this time.


Embraer Sells a Praetor 600 to Aerodata for Flight Inspections

13.09.2020 | Delivery of the new Flight Inspection Aircraft for ASECNA

Cessna Citation Sovereign+ for ASECNA
Cessna Citation Sovereign+ for ASECNA
Flight Inspection System installed within the cabin
Flight Inspection System installed within the cabin

A new fully equipped flight inspection aircraft, type Cessna Citation Sovereign+ has been delivered to AGENCE POUR LA SECURITE DE LA NAVIGATION AERIENNE EN AFRIQUE ET A MADAGASCAR (ASECNA) as turnkey solution.


Within this remarkable project, Aerodata was responsible for the purchase of the aircraft, development and production of the flight inspection system, aircraft modification and certification as well as training for pilots, maintenance technicians and flight inspectors.


A new interface to the Garmin 5000 avionic for providing AeroFIS® flight guidance including autopilot coupling in the cockpit was successfully developed and certified by an EASA STC.

The customized flight inspection system for ASECNA includes various enhancements, e.g. equipment for RF interference detection and localization, and flight inspection functions for ADS-B In- and Out.


In the handover of the aircraft to our valued new customer ASECNA, forms the beginning of a long term relation for provision of maintenance service and support for the future.

05.06.2020 | Aerodata modernises Do 228 LM Fleet

Aerodata AG and through subcontracting its subsidiary OPTIMARE Systems GmbH are contracted by the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) for the modernisation of the mission equipment of the two German Dornier 228 maritime surveillance aircraft. The project target is to increase the sustainability of the existing OPTIMARE MEDUSA® mission systems, the sensor suites, the communication systems, the spares package and the ground segment.

The German Navy operates the two aircraft on behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure to monitor the North and Baltic Sea with regard to marine pollution. Both special mission aircraft are based at the German Naval Air Wing 3, Nordholz, Germany. The comprehensive retrofit project is conducted from 2020 to 2023 at the premises of Aerodata AG at the Airport Braunschweig-Wolfsburg.

10.01.2020 | Delivery of second Flight Inspection Aircraft to the Czech Republic

Super KingAir 350 for Air Navigation Services (ANS)
Super KingAir 350 for Air Navigation Services (ANS)
AeroFIS® Operator Workstation
AeroFIS® Operator Workstation

In December Aerodata has delivered another Super King Air 350 equipped with automatic flight inspection system AeroFIS® to Air Navigation Services (ANS) of the Czech Republic on time.


Within this project, Aerodata took the responsibility for the purchase of the two basic aircraft, the design and production of the Flight Inspection Systems as well as for the integration into the aircraft and all related services as ferry and training for both, pilots and operators.

With the start of the new year, the two new King Air’s have taken over the flight inspection duties for the navigation systems in Czech Republic.


The contract further includes 5 years aircraft maintenance of the both aircraft, CAMO as well as 20 years maintenance for both AeroFIS®.

07.01.2020 | AeroFIS® Delivery to Germany based FCS Flight Calibration Services

AeroFIS® installed in a KingAir 350 with Proline Fusion Cockpit
AeroFIS® installed in a KingAir 350 with Proline Fusion Cockpit

In December the 6th flight inspection system AeroFIS® has been delivered to our customer FCS Flight Calibration Services GmbH. The delivery included the installation into one new Beech King Air 350 with Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionic suite.

The Automatic Flight Inspection System (AFIS) is individually customized to the highest extent, in order to comply with the demanding requirements of FCS.

The AFIS integrates the new developed TSO based receiver for flight inspection of GBAS GAST-C and GAST-D.

Besides a full set of dedicated civil and military flight inspection receivers, also the primary aircraft navigation receivers are interfaced and serve as independent data source for comparison.

The position reference is a hybrid multi-constellation phase tracking GNSS solution that includes IRS, Barometric Altitude, GPS, SBAS as well as GLONASS and GALILEO and combinations hereof.

The flight validation features of the AFIS are enhanced by external video cameras for documentation of pilot view, approach and runway lighting systems and obstacles. Obstacles are highlighted online by symbol overlays to the video. The overlays are calculated based on aircraft position, attitude, camera optics and an obstacle database.

A cockpit camera documents the pilot workload as well as indications of the EFIS during the validation of instrument flight procedures.

The video data is recorded together with the flight inspection data for time synchronized replay.

This delivery marks the continuation of the successful cooperation between FCS Flight Calibration Services GmbH and Aerodata for the next decades.

05.11.2019 | Service Contract for Kenya

In the beginning of 2019 Aerodata had signed a 3 years contract with the CAA Kenya for performing flight inspection services in Kenya.

In the third quarter 2019, the first flight inspection service mission has successfully been completed.

A team consisting of experts from CAA Kenya, SMART Aviaton (Egypt), Aero Calibration Services Ltd. (Mauritius), ASCO (Egypt) and AeroPearl (Australia) accomplished the mission, using the flight inspection aircraft of SMART Aviation, equipped with an AeroFIS®.

20.09.2019 | Delivery of two Flight Inspection Systems AeroFIS®

In 2018 Aerodata has been awarded with a contract for the delivery of two Automatic Flight Inspection Systems AeroFIS® together with kits for aircraft installation, spare parts, ground support equipment and training. After installation of these systems into two M-28B/PT aircraft, the new equipped flight inspection aircraft started service mid 2019. The AFIS capabilities include the calibration of Instrument Landing Systems (ILS CAT I, II and III), Precision Approach Radar (PAR), as well as civil and military navigation aids for en-route navigation such as VOR, DME, NDB and TACAN. For communication purpose, the systems include civil VHF and military UHF radios.

09.09.2019 | 17th AeroFIS® User Conference in Braunschweig

Between September 2nd and September 5th the 17th AeroFIS® User Meeting took place. More than 50 flight Inspection customers from 18 countries all over the globe joined the meeting in Braunschweig. Our customers, engineers from the Technical University of Braunschweig, and Aerodata’s experts gave presentations and exchanged experiences about recent flight inspection relevant topics. GBAS GAST-D Flight Inspection, Experiences on Flight Procedures Validation, Application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and Flight Validation and Obstacle Verification using Cameras were part of the agenda as well as information and experiences about new AeroFIS® features. All participants took the opportunity for discussions and information exchange and stand in touch with our technical developments and innovations in the field of Flight Inspection.


We thank our customers for the active participation, which was the most important requirement for the success of this event.


Claus Wilkens (Aerodata AG) presents "GBAS GAST-D Flight Inspection"
Claus Wilkens (Aerodata AG) presents "GBAS GAST-D Flight Inspection"

15.03.2019 | Contract to upgrade Japan Coast Guard Gulfstream V aircraft

Recently, Aerodata has been awarded a contract by Japan Aerospace Corporation to upgrade the two Gulfstream V aircraft operated by the Japan Coast Guard. The Gulfstream V aircraft have been in operation by the Japan Coast Guard since 2005. With the new state-of-the-art equipment from Aerodata, Japan Coast Guard will be able to continue the operation of the Gulfstream V beyond 2022.

26.02.2019 | New Flight Inspection Aircraft for ASECNA

Through an international tender, Aerodata has been selected by AGENCE POUR LA SECURITE DE LA NAVIGATION AERIENNE EN AFRIQUE ET A MADAGASKAR (ASECNA) as the supplier for a new flight inspection aircraft Citation Sovereign+. The aircraft will be equipped with a state of the art fully-automatic flight inspection system series AeroFIS® with the proven high accurate hybrid position reference system.

04.02.2019 | OPTIMARE wins Contract in Poland for Surveillance Equipment

OPTIMARE Systems GmbH has signed a contract with JB Investments Sp. Z.o.o. to provide modern surveillance equipment for integration into two new L410 UVP E20 aircraft for the Polish Border Guard.

The mission equipment consists of:

  • OPTIMARE's MEDUSA® Mission Management System,
  • 360° surveillance radar,
  • EO/IR sensor,
  • broadband SATCOM,
  • AIS transponder, and
  • Search & Rescue direction finder.

The contract was preceded by a public procurement tender of the Polish Border Guard in 2018 with several bidders and various aircraft platforms. The integration of the mission equipment will be performed by Aircraft Industries, a.s. Czech Republic. Delivery of the two new maritime patrol aircraft to the Polish Border Guard with installed mission equipment provided by OPTIMARE is scheduled for the 4th quarter 2020.

22.01.2019 | 3rd Flight Inspection System AD-AFIS-116 delivered to Thailand

Flight Inspection Aircraft KingAir B300
Flight Inspection Aircraft KingAir B300
Flight Inspection System AeroFIS®
Flight Inspection System AeroFIS®

In 2017, Aerodata AG received an order to equip the third Beech King Air B300 of the Aeronautical Radio of Thailand with the fully automatic flight inspection system AeroFIS®. Aerodata was responsible for development, production and installation of the flight inspection system AD-AFIS-116. Part of the installation into the B300 is an improved equipment console, which provides full accessibility to the operator by requiring only one seat of space.


Besides the established radio navigation systems the AD-AFIS-116 also provides the capability to inspect GBAS and advanced ADS-B and RNAV procedures. In the aircraft an interface connecting the AeroFIS® to the aircraft's autopilot system is installed to support the pilots on their flight inspection missions.


After completion of the modification at Hawker Pacific in Singapore, the aircraft has been transferred back to Thailand. The new equipped flight inspection aircraft will start its service in February 2019.

21.01.2019 | Set-up of a new line station at Magdeburg Airport

With strong support from our partner GeoFly, Aerodata was able to set up a new line station at Magdeburg Airport within a short time.

GeoFly specializes in taking aerial photographs and laser data as well as their further processing.

The Aerodata-hangar in Magdeburg allows quick on-site maintenance of various types of aircraft such as King Air, Caravan and almost all piston aircraft.


New Aerodata line station for maintenance at Magdeburg airport
New Aerodata line station for maintenance at Magdeburg airport
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