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The automatic flight inspection system AeroFIS® is installed on board special measuring aircraft and is used to check and calibrate navigation systems. These navigation systems include beside others the instrument landing system (ILS), which enables large commercial aircraft to land safely even in fog. Approach and departure procedures based on satellite navigation can also be efficiently validated with our system. The AeroFIS® is characterized above all by the highest accuracy, reliability and integrity, which delivers reliable and reproducible results.

During operation, AeroFIS® offers the pilots of the flight inspection aircraft support in the cockpit for precise flying of the measuring profiles. AeroFIS® also allows the autopilot to be used to automatically fly the unusual measurement profiles. This significantly reduces the pilot's workload and increases the reproducibility of the measurement results. Our flight inspection system also offers a high degree of modularity and configurability. Depending on customer requirements, it can be equipped with a wide variety of sensors and measurement receivers. The available sensors can be used simultaneously to measure different navigation systems at the same time. This makes it possible to reduce the required flight time, which goes hand in hand with lower fuel consumption. AeroFIS® is continuously optimized and further developed through the intensive exchange of information with our customers worldwide. This is also reflected in the intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface of our system.

Key features

of the AeroFIS®

Flight Inspection

Highest accuracy and integrity leading to reliable flight inspection results



Proven reliability and availability around the globe



Customized solutions for hardware and software



Simultaneous measurement of multiple navigation systems



Special features for military and civilian customers


Increase in quality

Constantly improved system technology through our own flight inspection service (AeroPearl, Australia)

of AeroFIS®

  • ergonomic design
  • simultaneous measurement of different ground facilities
  • Special features for calibration of military and civil ground facilities
  • Relief for the crew through connection to autopilot and flight director 
  • Installation of the AeroFIS® using seat rail adapters
  • Time for installation/removal: ≤ 1 hour

Maximum flexibility

One workstation with multiple options

AeroFIS® is highly flexible! In addition to the measurement of all conventional navigation systems and flight procedures, the following options can be integrated:

  • Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS/LAAS)
  • Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN)
  • UHF communication
  • UHF Direction Finding (UDF)
  • Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) with Flight Inspection Transponder Mode A, C and S
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B out)
  • Data downlink to ground station
  • Digital dual-channel oscilloscope (remote-controlled USB oscilloscope 
    without control unit)

Options that require an additional equipment holder or an additional equipment console:

  • Digital Spectrum Analyzer
  • Digital dual-channel oscilloscope (with control panel) 
  • On-board NAV-COM signal generator
  • Camera Positioning System
  • Direction finder for RF interference (VHF, UHF, L-BAND)
  • Search and Rescue (SAR) direction finder 
  • Moving Facility Calibration (e.g. NAVY Ship TACAN)
  • VHF data link (VDL)
  • On-board Video Camera for Procedure Validation

User-friendly interface

Our aim is to make AeroFIS® equally accessible to all our customers. For this reason, AeroFIS® is controlled via a windows based user interface, which allows quick and easy familiarization and operation of the flight inspection system. We have also made sure that our graphical user interface follows the design guidelines for an ergonomic human-machine interface.

Picture of Systems engineer and project manager Mirko Stanisak

With our technology, we collectively push the boundaries of what is possible. I design technical solutions from the initial idea, through development and testing, towards supporting our customers.

Dr. Mirko Stanisak,
System engineer and project manager


AeroFIS® - Automatic
Flight Inspection System
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AeroFIS® - Airborne 
Localisation and Monitoring System AD-ARLOC II
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