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AeroMission®, our integrated mission management system, is the solution for all airborne surveillance and reconnaissance scenarios. 

The biggest advantage: the system is modular and can be configured according to customer requirements . Extensions and adaptations to the system are possible at any time on the basis of the modular approach. 
This allows AeroMission® to be integrated on different platforms - whether manned or unmanned.

Functionality of

AeroMission® integrates various sensors, effectors and communication systems. At its core is the AeroMission® software, which networks all system components with each other, generates information from the data available in the network, stores it, displays it and distributes it.

But that's not all: AeroMission® also implements system-integrated control of all subsystems and provides functions for planning and monitoring missions.

Data becomes information

AeroMission® extracts, combines and aggregates data from streams of sensor data on the basis of various algorithms, some of which are AI-based. This enables the rapid and situation-specific provision of information at every operational level - whether on site, in mobile operations centers or remote situation centers.

Clear decisions

AeroMission® provides a situational awareness based on the information generated. This awareness is the precondition for an effective control and configuration of the system, including all sensors. An innovative concept reduces the cognitive load on operators and pilots, even in extreme situations. Decisions can be made quickly and focused on the essentials.The associated planning can be implemented efficiently and effectively using the existing planning tools.

Shared information –
shared mission

AeroMission® uses various communication channels to distribute information promptly. This serves to coordinate and synchronize actions between pilots and operators on board aircraft as well as between aircraft and ground or sea-based units. 
AeroMission® is part of a networked system-of-system. This system-of-systems can consist of several spatially distributed AeroMission® systems or a combination of AeroMission® systems and third-party systems. 

Each AeroMission® system is also able to operate autonomously. Information is stored locally and can be redistributed at any time.

Data security

The security concept of AeroMission® is constantly adapted on the basis of the current threat situation in cyberspace and the associated risks. Necessary updates are carried out as part of the support concept. 
Depending on the intended use, specific cryptographic procedures are used to secure communication.

System availability and integrity

AeroMission® continuously monitors the status of its subsystems and connected sensors. All error and warning messages are recorded. Errors that could hinder or prevent the execution of a mission are displayed. The operator also has the option of taking measures to rectify errors. AeroMission® implements a redundancy concept that increases the availability of the system.

Flexible Application options

Do you want to use AeroMission® in different aircraft? 
This is not an obstacle due to the scalability of our system. Solutions are available for small, medium and large aircraft, which differ in terms of the type and scope of sensor technology and the number of operator workstations. 

Every kilogram counts - that is why we have developed the AeroMission® workstation and the device console to be weight-optimized.

Picture of software developer and system integrator Uwe Salzmann in an airplane

I contribute to rescue shipwrecked people and make the borders safer. 
Individual customer requirements and complex sensors make my work particularly exciting and varied: The ability to innovate is required here!

Uwe Salzmann,
Software developer and system integrator


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