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AeroFIS® Flybot

Our AeroFIS® Flybot is a small unmanned aircraft system (UAS) equipped with measuring devices and based on a multicopter. The AeroFIS® Flybot makes it possible to inspect navigation systems in a simple and cost-effective way. 

In contrast to ground-based measuring devices, the Flybot enables measurements from the air and allows navigation systems to be precisely adjusted or changes in navigation signals to be detected in time. The preparation of a flight mission with the AeroFIS® Flybot is very similar to the operation of the AeroFIS® system used for manned flight inspections. The results obtained with the AeroFIS® Flybot at close range are also demonstrably comparable with the results of manned flight inspections at close and long range. Regular use of the AeroFIS® Flybot therefore makes it possible to extend the intervals for manned flight inspections and thus reduce the operating costs of navigation systems.

Key features

of the AeroFIS® Flybot


Modular system with special sensor payloads for various calibration tasks



Integrated obstacle detection and collision avoidance functions



Automatic execution of flight measurement procedures



Online visualisation of flight inspection data on the ground



Easy to use thanks to proven AeroFIS® software user interface


Familiarisation time

Same asset database for drone and flight inspection aircraft



RTK-based position reference with accuracy to the centimeter

Picture of software engineer and project manager Claus Wilkens

Together with a cooperative team,
I am enthusiastic about the development of innovative technologies. Our priority: 
safety and efficiency in air traffic.

Claus Wilkens,
Software engineer and project manager


Flyer AeroFIS® Flybot
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