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Official handover ceremony for upgraded maritime surveillance aircraft of the Armed Forces of Malta

The mid-life upgrade of the mission systems of the two King Air B200 maritime surveillance aircraft of the Armed Forces of Malta was successfully completed, and they were officially handed over during a ceremony held at AirWing, Luqa Airport. Among the guests were Minister Byron Camilleri, Minister for Home Affairs, Security and Employment, Commander of the Maltese Armed Forces, Brigadier Clinton O'Neill, German Ambassador Tanja Beyer and CEO of Aerodata AG Neset Tükenmez.

As part of the upgrade, obsolete components in the mission systems were replaced. At the same time, the sensor technology was expanded, and new sensor fusion techniques were implemented to optimise communication capabilities. 

In his speech, Neset Tükenmez emphasised the upgrade's importance and thanked all those involved in the project for their continued cooperation.

Minister Camilleri said that “the latest investment will strengthen the Maltese government's efforts in the fight against human trafficking, search and rescue and the military tasks and obligations of the Armed Forces.”

Brigadier Clinton O’Neill said, "by extending the life of the mission system, we are confirming and maintaining maximum operational performance and ensuring more efficient border control as well as improving the national and wider situational picture.”

The modified aircraft were originally delivered by Aerodata back in 2011 and 2012. The upgrade that has now taken place will help to optimise operational performance, resulting in more efficient border control. The project was partly funded by EU funds under the Internal Security Fund (Specific Action) 2014-2020 and the Maltese government.