2018 | Delivery of the 100th Flight Inspection System AeroFIS

In December Aerodata delivered the 100th Flight Inspection System. The handover of the system took place as part of the roll-out of a new King Air 350 Pro Line Fusion to the "Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic".

2017 | Aerodata is the only manufacturer of helicopter flight inspection systems worldwide

In February a HeliFIS was delivered to our customer in Japan.

HeliFIS installed in Agusta Westland AW109SP Da Vinci Helicopter
HeliFIS console with AeroFIS software installed for the integration into helicopters
Portable HeliFIS, ruggedized Operator Computer

2014 - 2016 | Delivery of more than 20 FIS within the last 3 years

More than 20 flight inspection systems of the latest generation AeroFIS were delivered to different customers all over the globe. Each system is customized to the needs of the individual country. Part of the deliveries were furthermore the installation into different types of aircraft and certification by EASA STC's. 

2015 | OctoPod – the revolutionary All-In-One Sensor Package

Closed OctoPod housing equipped with sensors

One integrated solution to mount the different sensors is the OctoPod, a unique all-in-one belly-mounted airborne surveillance pod. The OctoPod was jointly developed by Aerodata and its subsidiary OPTIMARE.

It enables multi-sensor-based airborne surveillance operations, while minimizing space consumption and cost for aircraft modification. The OctoPod can be equipped with up to eight sensors.

2009 - 2015 | Completion of 10 turnkey projects as Prime Contractor

During the past 6 years Aerodata has been acting as prime contractor for 10 programs both in the Flight Inspection market as well as in the Surveillance market.

2014 | Delivery of the first HeliFIS for Installation in Agusta Westland 109 Da Vinci

Customer is the German Flight Calibration Services (FCS).

2013 | Modification of a King Air 350 into a Maritime Surveillance Aircraft for the Prefectura Naval Argentina

Surveillance Aircraft of type King Air 350ER for Prefectura Naval Argentina (PNA)

The program was executed under subcontract from Beechcraft. Aerodata has provided and integrated its mission system AeroMission into a King Air 350ER, a search radar Telephonics 1700B, a FLIR Safire III EO/IR sensor, direction finder, AIS transponder and various communication equipment.

2013 | First delivery of the newest model of the AeroFIS® series, AD-AFIS-113

The AD-AFIS-113/114 ist the latest model of the AD-AFIS-series. It is a very compact Automatic Flight Inspection System with integrated user control elements. All standard flight inspection capabilities are provided. The console further provides full electronic and mechanical provisions for integration of optional modules. Integration is possible in almost every aircraft. The position reference is mainly PDGPS but also GPS-RTK or GLONASS RTK is fully supported.

2013 | Delivery of the first turnkey jet aircraft

As the prime contractor Aerodata was responsilbe for the turn key delivery of a new Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 750 equipped with a state of the art flight inspection system AeroFIS to the SRAA (Seoul Regional Aviation Administration) of Korea. This comprises the procurement of the new aircraft, the development and the production of the new flight inspection system AeroFIS and its integration into the aircraft, and the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) issued by EASA.

2013 | Sensor expert OPTIMARE becomes part of Aerodata group

Logo of the OPTIMARE Systems GmbH

Main business of OPTIMARE Systems GmbH is maritime sensing; including special airborne measurements. The combination of Optimare’s and Aerodata’s capabilities enables both companies to access new markets and provide more attractive solutions in the field of maritime surveillance. Optimare’s core capability is the provision of airborne oil spill detection systems including sensors.

2011 - 2012 | Delivery of two turnkey King Air B200 as Maritime Patrol Aircraft to Malta

Surveillance Aircraft of type King Air B200 for the Armed Forces of Malta

Aerodata, has handed over a special mission aircraft equipped with its surveillance system to the Government of Malta. The installed technology supports the crew on their missions and the European border becomes safer. 

Sensors and software, radar and infrared cameras: with the surveillance electronics supplied by Aerodata the crew can detect illicit activities for miles by monitoring suspicious ship movements and radio signals. The data are transmitted in real time via satellite to a ground station for analysis.

2008 - 2012 | Delivery and Integration of 22 helicopter mission systems

Following the delivery of 5 SAR aircraft to Australia, Aerodata gets a contract on behalf of the German Federal Police to deliver and install 22 integrated mission systems into the helicopters EC135, EC155 and Super Puma.

2006 - 2012 | Delivery of more than 40 Flight Inspection Systems within 7 years

2011 | Award for foreign trade by the Federal State of Lower Saxony

Former Primer Minister of Lower Saxony David McAllister presents the award for foreign trade by the Federal State of Lower Saxony to Mrs. Mareile Langhorst, Director Flight Inspection Systems, Aerodata.

2010 | Aerodata’s 25th Anniversary

The 25th anniversary was celebrated with customers from home and abroad, shareholders and supervisory board members, leading figures from regional politics and business as well as staff and friends. For more details please visit the Chronicles.

2009 | Delivery of the 50th Flight Inspection System to Serbia & Montenegro

The aircraft is a factory new King Air 350.

2008 / 2009 | Cooperation with HBC: Service Centre & Cooperation agreement

Since 1991, Aerodata has also been providing maintenance for aircraft and helicopters. While Aerodata’s Maintenance has been approved since its foundation by the German and European aviation authorities, Hawker Beechcraft as one the most important manufacturers of business aircraft has now also drawn its attention to Aerodata’s capabilities and activities. The recognition as an official service centre and the cooperation agreement with Hawker Beechcraft (HBC) enables Aerodata to deliver turnkey mission aircraft to customers all over the world and perform the related maintenance.

2006 - 2008 | Delivery of more than 15 Flight Inspection Aircraft

Numerous Flight Inspection projects were carried out successfully in the 3rd decade of the company history. Corresponding aircraft were delivered to customers in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. The Flight Inspection Systems were integrated into different types of turboprop and jet aircraft.

2004 - 2006 | Delivery of 5 Search and Rescue Aircraft to AeroRescue Pty. Ltd.

Aerodata achieves a further breakthrough by developing its AeroMission system. Five Search and Rescue aircraft are delivered to an Australian customer. These aircraft are provided with the integrated mission system by Aerodata, enabling their operation within a fleet and providing the Operator in the aircraft as well as the operator ground station with a current picture of the operational area. The aircraft have been operated on behalf of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

1993 - 2005 | Flight Precision Ltd: Joint Venture with FR Aviation Group Ltd.

Joint Venture with the English Company FR Aviation of Bournemouth

2004 | Aerodata Thailand Co. Ltd. is founded

For the execution of a leasing contract for a flight inspection system and retrofit of a King Air B200 from Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd. (Aerothai), Aerodata Thailand Co. Ltd has been established in Bangkok.

2003 | EASA Approval as an European Design Organization (EASA.21J.040)

Aerodata is approved as European Design Organisation by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for the first time.


2003 | German Border Police is the first large AeroPhone customer

More than 40 satellite phones are ordered for the helicopter fleet.

2002 / 2003 | Delivery of Global Express Flight Inspection Aircraft

In the years 2002 and 2003 two Global Express Flight Inspection Aircraft were delivered to the Japanese Civil Aviation Authority. The new software concept CAPE (Common data Acquisition and Processing Environment) was first used in these FIS aircraft. This very flexible software platform allows an easy adaptation of the FIS software package to customer requirements and has been the basis for all newly delivered Flight Inspection Systems.

2002 | Launch of AeroPhone®

A second niche product from the business field avionics is AeroPhone, launched in 2002. This device uses the Iridium satellite communication system and enables worldwide communication from aircraft and helicopters. By now over 500 units have been delivered.

1986 - 2001 | Scientific Support of Alfred-Wegener-Institute

Starting point was the development of the meteorological measuring systems for the German Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Maritime Research. This was followed by further orders for the modification of the aircraft type Dornier 228 designed and approved by Aerodata for various scientific applications like meteorology and geophysics. Aerodata engineers supervised these systems during their mission in the Arctic and Antarctic. The expertise on special missions collected during this period is still the basis for the business model of Aerodata.

1999 | Missionization of Police Helicopters

The police of the Federal State of Lower Saxony / Germany orders three mission suites for police helicopters.

1999 | Joint Venture with Paspaley Pearls Group

Aerodata initiated a second Joint Venture (AeroPearl Pty. Ltd.) in the field of Flight Inspection together with its Australian partner, the Paspaley Group. AeroPearl is Flight Inspection Service Provider for customers in Australia and South East Asia. 

1999 | Modification of a Business Jet, AeroNav® and AeroMission Systems

In 1999 Aerodata could apply the experiences from the field of Special Mission and develop a design for the modification of a Challenger aircraft into a maritime surveillance aircraft. Furthermore, during this period Aerodata delivered approx. 20 simple mission systems to different German police squadrons.

1998 | Delivery of a King Air 350 equipped with flight inspection system to Airservices Australia

The aircraft was transferred by a crew from Pearl Aviation via Turkey, Pakistan, the Maledives, and the Cocos Island to Australia and replaces the Fokker 28.

since 1998 | AeroNav® Navigation and Mission Management System

Based on the know-how in the field of satellite navigation, Aerodata designed and produced the integrated navigation and mission management system AeroNav®, which is currently the primary navigation system in all helicopters of the German Federal Police.

1997 | First Flight Inspection System for Australia

An Astra Jet was turned into a flight inspection aircraft and delivered to Airservices Australia.

1997 | Move to the new facility at Airport Braunschweig-Wolfsburg

New home of the company is Hermann-Blenk-Strasse 34-36. The Prime Minister of the State of Lower Saxony, and later Chancellor Gerhard Schröder inaugurates the new company building.

1995 | First AeroNav helicopter system installation for the German Air Rescue Service

AeroNav® is a navigation and mission management system. The system, approved according to TSO C129a, combines the precise positioning procedure by satellite navigation with inertial sensor technology, enabling a high-frequency direction and position determination.

1995 | Aerodata installs infrared cameras into Bell helicopters owned by the German Border Police

Installation of infrared cameras into a Bell helicopter UH1D and Bell 212.

1993 | Japanese contract for FIS Upgrade

Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) orders an upgrade of an existing flight inspection system to CAT III performance (Laser Tracking).

1991 | Flight Inspection for the German Air Traffic Control Authority

In the early days of Aerodata, the field of inspecting navigation aids was recognized as important business area and Aerodata entered the Flight Inspection market. The delivery of the first Flight Inspection System to the German Air Traffic Control and the stock sharing in Flight Precision Ltd. were key events in this business area.

Aerodata held its shares in Flight Precision until 2005.

1991 | Calibration of instrument landing systems at eight regional airports

Aerodata designed the first system for the calibration of navigation installations for securing air traffic. Customer is the German Air Traffic Control Authority (BFS), operating the system in a Hawker Siddeley HS 748 on eight regional airports.

since 1989 | Technology transfer with the Technical University of Braunschweig

The core technology – high precision position determination of aircraft by satellite based positioning – was developed by the Technical University of Braunschweig and later taken over by Aerodata.
High precision positioning is the basis of most of the products, delivered by Aerodata to customers today.

1989 | First fully automatic landing procedure based on satellite navigation worldwide

In 1989 the first fully automatic landing based on Satellite Navigation was successfully completed.

1987 | Integration of navigation systems, meteorological sensors and an On-Board Computer

Integration of an On-Board Computer, Navigation Systems and meteorological sensors into the aircraft Polar 2 and Polar 4 owned by the Alfred-Wegener-Institute

1985 | Aerodata Flugmesstechnik GmbH is founded

Foundation villa of Aerodata Flugmesstechnik in Braunschweg, Rebenring from 1985

Aerodata was founded in 1985. Originated from a spin-off from the Technical University Braunschweig, Aerodata developed a business field from 1986 onwards, which aimed the implementation of new technologies from the scientific research in commercial products.

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