• Search & Rescue Aircraft of type Dornier 328 for AeroRescue in Australia

  • Surveillance Aircraft of type King Air 350ER for Prefectura Naval Argentina (PNA)

  • Surveillance Aircraft of type King Air B200 for the Armed Forces of Malta

  • Surveillance Helicopter of type Eurocopter 135 for the German Federal Police



Surveillance and Search & Rescue in the Mediterranean Sea

AeroMission's Workstation in the cabin for the Operator
AeroMission's Workstation in the cabin for the Operator
AeroMission Flight Plan on Primary Flight Display
AeroMission Flight Plan on Primary Flight Display

Two factory new King Air B200 have been delivered to the Armed Forces of Malta in 2011 and 2012. The aicraft are equipped with AeroMission and are mainly employed for surveillance, border control, fisheries protection and Search and Rescue (SAR).


The King Air is operated by a crew of five: two pilots, a mission system operator and two observers, who are also trained as drop masters for rescue equipment. The sensor suite includes:

  • 360° maritime surveillance radar
  • electro-optical / infrared camera system (EO/IR)
  • SAR direction finder
  • AIS transponder


The communication equipment includes Inmarsat satellite phone system for voice and data transfer and encrypted UHF/VHF/HF connection available at each seat.


AeroMission provides the integration of the different mission sensors, the communication suite and the primary aircraft systems. The mission capabilities of AeroMission include:

  • moving map with overlay of integrated common sensor data representation and sensor data fusion for optimal situational awareness
  • mission guidance and tactical planning support for the own aircraft and further assets
  • system integrated sensor control for EO/IR and radar
  • EO/IR imagery representation by Picture In Picture or full-screen display
  • networked operations with communication and data exchange to a ground center
  • synchronized storage and replay capabilities for all mission related data
  • acquisition of mission independent vessel data to compose an own vessel database
  • server-client data management concept to support task sharing and training by using further mobile computers at network stations available at each seat
  • automatic generation of standard messages or reports including exchange of this information between aircraft and ground station


To enhance the coordination between cockpit and cabin crew, AeroMission provides interfaces to the cockpit as follows:

  • EO/IR and mission radar video representation on the Multi Function Display (MFD)
  • moving map display client for all mission sensor data on an additional display
  • mission system flight plan transfer to the Flight Management System (FMS)
  • drop pattern generation and transfer to FMS
  • homing to SAR beacons

Camera Operator Workstations for the Helicopter Fleet of German Federal Police

Surveillance Helicopter of type Eurocopter 135 for the German Federal Police

In September 2007 Aerodata AG has been awarded to deliver and integrate 22 mission systems for the helicopters of the German Federal Police Aviation Squadron. These helicopters are used for surveillance and SAR missions. The mission systems have been installed into Eurocopter 135, 155 and Super Puma helicopters. The systems form a highly integrated solution and integrate all available sensors (e.g. FLIR) and communication systems (e.g. SatCom, video downlink). They replace the previous systems which had been delivered by Aerodata in the mid-nineties.


AeroMission incorporates a high-capacity computer system which is able to record and replay any mission related data. The embedded moving map provides a number of layers which enables the presentation of contacts, contact details, camera line of sight and flight plans. For this purpose a variety of map formats are available. The integrated house data base allows the correlation of addresses and street numbers. Thus, the optimal operation of the camera system is ensured, whereas the alignment of the camera is controlled and displayed by the mission system.

Mission Systems for Search and Rescue in Australia

Search & Rescue Aircraft of type Dornier 328 for AeroRescue in Australia

Five Dornier 328 Search and Rescue Aircraft have been delivered by Aerodata to the Australian customer AeroRescue Pty. Ltd. The modified aircraft have been operated by AeroRescue especially for search and rescue along the Australian coast line and upcountry under an Australian government contract. The aircraft have already proven their value in their role. In addition, the aircraft have been used for environmental monitoring.


For this purposes, Aerodata has developed a mission system and has integrated this system into the aircraft along with various sensors and comprehensive communication equipment. The system integrates a powerful search radar, a combined EO/IR system (FLIR) and direction finder to locate distress signals. Infrared-/Ultraviolet-Scanners installed into two of the aircraft were used to locate and classify maritime pollutions.


All sensors are controlled by the mission system. A sensor data fusion process generates a situational awareness picture for the operator. At any time, the entire airborne acquired data can be transmitted to a ground coordination center. In return, the coordination center is able to transmit information and data (e.g. new mission orders, flights plans) to the operator in the aircraft at any time.


A number of special mission radios have been installed in addition to the primary aircraft radios. Thus, the SAR crew can establish direct voice communication with other aircraft, ships and ground forces (police, emergency medical services).


If SAR missions require the coordination of several aircraft and ships involved in the operation, the Do328 can serve a flying command center. Therefore the integrated communication relay plays an essential role. For example this relay is able to establish a direct communication between the ground coordination center and ships by switching an incoming SatCom call directly to the VHF marine radio.

Surveillance Aircraft for Argentina

Surveillance Aircraft of type King Air 350ER for Prefectura Naval Argentina (PNA)
Surveillance Aircraft of type King Air 350ER
Operator Workstation installed in King Air 350ER for Prefectura Naval Argentina (PNA)
Interior view with installed Operator Workstation

In November 2013, Aerodata has completed the delivery of a King Air 350ER aircraft to the Prefectura Naval Argentina (PNA). The program was executed under subcontract from Beechcraft.


Aerodata has provided and integrated the following elements into the aircraft:

  • AeroMission
  • Telephonics 1700B search radar
  • FLIR Safire III EO/IR sensor
  • direction finder
  • AIS transponder
  • various communication equipment

The aircraft replaces a Casa 212 aircraft which has been used for surveillance by PNA.

Search and Rescue Aircraft for Ukraine

In 2014 Aerodata has delivered an AeroMission together with sensors to the Ukrainian Aviation Authority (UkSATSE), which is responsible e.g. for Search & Rescue.

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