• AeroPhone+® - the Iridium SatCom Family for worldwide Voice and Data Communication


AeroPhone+® - Worldwide Communication

AeroPhone+® - the new family of Iridium SatCom systems - provides worldwide voice and data communication using the Iridium satellite network. AeroPhone+® can be contacted from any phone on the globe. AeroPhone+® is designed and certified for permanent initial or retrofit installation in fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. It is available as single and dual channel version. Further accessories of AeroPhone+® provide a broad range of applications, e.g. for mission aircraft, cargo fleets, business aircraft and commercial airliners etc ...

Capabilities and Features

  • enhanced voice and data communication
  • increased security through encryption
  • ETSO-2C514 approval
  • worldwide communication covering remote areas, e.g. polar and oceanic regions
  • single and dual channel voice and data communication
  • Short-Burst-Data service (SBD)
  • direct web link from aircraft to operator’s host
  • dual ARINC 739 interfaces to cockpit MCDU
  • tracking option with

    • integrated GPS or
    • position data via RS232 (NMEA)

  • Bluetooth and WLAN interfaces
  • low system installation and operation cost (connection fees) for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters

AeroPhone+® components

  • satellite transceiver unit AD-STUI
  • cockpit dial panel AD-CDP
  • IRIDIUM antenna (patch antenna)
  • optional additional GPS antenna
  • optional handset
  • optional WLAN Interface

Sample Applications

  • worldwide voice communication
  • worldwide text/data communication (SMS, SBD, e-mail, internet)
  • communication between aircraft and ground centre or other aircraft
  • fleet tracking
  • special mission and police applications, rescue, emergency services, relief operations
  • dispatch and control of commercial airborne fleets
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