• Dropping rescue equipment through the cargo door of a Do328 during flight



AeroMission, the integrated mission management system, is the solution for any airborne surveillance scenarios.

The essential features of AeroMission

  • one single workstation controls all sensors
  • integrated presentation of all sensor data for an optimal situational awareness
  • integrated sensor operation, mission guidance and support of tactical planning
  • support of network centric operations
  • digital storage of photo, audio and video data
  • automated generation of standard messages or reports including information/ report exchange with aircraft and ground control centre (existing or Aerodata provided)
  • data exchange with electronic flight deck (video, FMS, aircraft data)
  • algorithm for sensor fusion based on the data provided by the various sensors

Surveillance Sensors

Depending on customer’s requirements, AeroMission can be equipped with various sensors:

Sensors for Pollution Monitoring

To detect oil pollution on the sea surface, AeroMission integrates proprietary sensors:


Equipment for the mission communication with different involved units is also supported by AeroMission:

  • digital intercom system
  • communication relay
  • broad band satellite communication
  • digital microwave downlink
  • various types of radios
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