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AeroForce® 380

In our "Airborne Surveillance" business segment, the trend is towards unmanned systems - or rather: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). 

We are taking up the challenge and offering with AeroForce® 380 a MALE UAS for maritime surveillance. The term MALE stands for "Medium Altitude Long Endurance" and refers to a type of unmanned aircraft that can operate at altitudes of up to around 10,000 meters. The part "Long Endurance" stands for mission times that last more than 24 hours. 

AeroForce® 380 has a maximum flight duration of up to 35 hours and can be used in conjunction with manned surveillance aircraft in what is known as Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T). The manned aircraft can ideally complement the unmanned systems in terms of flying speed and payload.

Efficient missions

AeroForce® 380 is characterised by the fact that, in addition to being a MALE UAS, it can also be used efficiently as a LALE UAS (LALE stands for "Low Altitude Long Endurance"), i.e. below 10,000 feet (approx. 3,000 meters). This flight altitude range is usually used by coast guards and similar organizations for maritime surveillance. A maximum take-off mass of 1,300 kilograms and a customized payload concept offer enough potential for sufficient fuel and mission equipment. We also offer everything from a single source in the field of unmanned aviation: 
AeroForce® 380 includes state-of-the-art mission system technology and sensors from our group of companies.

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