• Flight Inspection Aircraft of type King Air in front of the Aerodata hangar



(Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization)


  • assurance of aviation safety and improvement of aircraft availability
  • reduction of maintenance cost
  • flexibility in the use of aircraft

CAMO+ Service

  • preparation and approval of aircraft maintenance program
  • management of manufacturers’ instructions and airworthiness directives
  • management of operating time of your aircraft
  • information about and planning of upcoming maintenance tasks
  • accomplishment of airworthiness reviews (recommendation for EASA Form 15a / issuance of EASA Form 15b)
  • C of A renewal support acc. to official authority requirements
  • development, revision and control of individual MEL (Minimum Equipment List)
  • logbook reviews / prebuy inspections
  • support for import/export of aircraft


For aircraft types presently not in our capability list, Aerodata is prepared to aquire the necessary qualification.

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Aircraft Maintenance

T + 49 531. 2359 - 250

F + 49 531. 35 36 93

AOG +49 171. 3078572

E maintenance@aerodata.de