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Symbolic handover of keys for Do 228 57+05

Closing Ceremony of the Do 228 Fleet Modernization Program

The successful completion of the German Do 228 fleet modernization program was celebrated in a festive atmosphere at Nordholz Naval Airbase. Following delivery of the first aircraft in February 2022, the second aircraft was transferred to Nordholz at the end of September this year after having passed flight acceptance. Since then, both special mission aircraft have once again been in operation for the German Central Command for Maritime Emergencies (Havariekommando), monitoring the North Sea and Baltic Sea for marine pollution.

In addition to Havariekommando, Naval Air Wing 3 “Graf Zeppelin” (NAW 3) and BAAINBw project participants, representatives of Aerodata AG and OPTIMARE Systems GmbH were also present at the ceremony. In his speech, Aerodata's CEO Neset Tükenmez thanked all those involved in the project and emphasized the importance of the modernization measures for maintaining maritime surveillance.

Dieter Schmidt, Deputy Head of the Havariekommando: "We are delighted that our two Do 228s are now even more effective with the modernised systems. They are not only important for aerial surveillance of marine pollution, but are also an indispensable resource in the event of incidents in the North and Baltic Seas: the two aircraft and their crews are our 'eyes' out at sea when we, as the Central Command for Maritime Emergencies, are managing complex response situations. It is therefore very important to us that they are equipped in a modern and future-proof manner."

Aerial surveillance of marine pollution is a collaboration between Havariekommando and NAW 3: the aircraft are operated and maintained by the German Navy, but belong to Havariekommando, to which the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport has assigned the task of pollution monitoring. The cooperation is based on an administrative agreement between the two federal ministries.

In 2020, the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) commissioned Aerodata AG and the subcontracted Aerodata subsidiary OPTIMARE Systems GmbH to modernize the mission equipment of the two German Dornier 228 maritime surveillance aircraft. The retrofit concerned the existing OPTIMARE MEDUSA® mission systems, the sensor equipment, the communication systems, the spare parts inventory as well as the ground segment.