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Delivery of new Flight Inspection Aircraft to Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Seoul Regional Office of Aviation, Flight Inspection Center (FIC) in Korea

Within the contract framework between Aerodata AG and Flight Inspection Center (FIC) of Korea for the delivery of the flight inspection aircraft, the factory new aircraft Embraer Praetor 600 equipped with the latest generation of Flight Inspection System AeroFIS® was handed over to the customer.

Within this remarkable project, Aerodata took the responsibility for the purchase of the basic aircraft, the design and production of the Flight Inspection System as well as for the integration into the aircraft and all related services such as EASA certification, ferry flights, training for pilots, maintenance technicians, and flight inspectors.

The modification of the Praetor 600 and integration of the factory new AeroFIS® was performed by Jet Aviation in Singapore under supervision of Aerodata. This unites the most modern AeroFIS® with one of the most modern aircraft at the present time.

By the handover of the aircraft FIC's flight inspection fleet, based on one Challenger 601 and one Hawker 750 (all AeroFIS® equipped) is further enlarged to comply with FIC’s demands for flight inspection and flight validation.

The customized flight inspection system for FIC includes various enhancements, e.g. equipment for RF interference detection and localization, as well as flight inspection functions for ADS-B In- and Out, a camera positioning system, and an on board video camera system for procedure validation.
This delivery marks the continuation of the successful cooperation between FIC and Aerodata for the next decades.