STC's & MCA's

Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) & Flight Data Recorder (FDR)

Scope of the Supplemental Type Certificates (STC)

The STC CVR and FDR involves the installation of a Cockpit Voice Recorder and a Flight Data Recorder in fulfillment of the following JAR-OPS 1 requirements:

  • JAR-OPS 1.710
  • Cockpit Voice Recorders - 3 and JAR-OPS 1.720
  • Flight Data Recorders - 2

For aircraft already equipped with a CVR, the STC includes an option for a stand-alone FDR.

Aircraft and STC-No.

  • Beech B300, STC-No.: EASA.A.S.00278

Equipment Manufacturer, Model and P/N

  • L-3 Communications Cockpit Voice Recorders, Model FA2100, P/N 2100-1020-00
  • L-3 Communications Aviation Recorders, Model F1000, P/N S703-1000-00
  • L-3 Communications CVR Control Panel, P/N S251-1130-00
  • L-3 Communications Triax DC Accelerometer, P/N 17A471-02
  • L-3 Communications Microphone, P/N S055-0067-00
  • Inertia Switch G-Switch, P/N 3LO-453/3.0
  • STACO FDR FAIL Annunciator, P/N 9820520089814